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Affiliated Management Services has been providing superior service to the healthcare industry since 1987. Using its years of expertise, AMS is able to create a focused collection strategy for every segment of Healthcare receivables.

Early Out

Affiliated Management Services can handle your early out accounts and maintain your reputation while accumulating your revenue.

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Late Stage

Once you have completed your collection efforts we can take that account on a contingent arrangement and recover your missing revenue.

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Letter Strategy

We can set up a letter series in our name and handle all the inbound calls. AMS can use the advantage of the collection letter from a collection agency to urge the patient to resolve the account voluntarily.

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Insurance Billing

We can identify insurance not filed, unknown at the time of placement or secondary insurance coverage and refile or identify the accounts for our clients to refile the claim.

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Credit Reporting

Accounts placed can be listed on the patients’ credit bureau. AMS has relationships with Credit Bureaus that will allow us to list the accounts we have for collection on the patients’ credit bureau.

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Litigation Referral

AMS can identify accounts that would qualify for a litigation program and tag those accounts for suit by our lawyer referral program or for your legal team to handle.

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